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Ways to Help

Shop at Randalls, Support the PCOS Foundation!

The PCOS Foundation has been added to the Randalls Good Neighbor Program!

Buy groceries at Randalls and they will donate a percentage of every purchase to the PCOS Foundation!

All you have to do is fill out the slip and turn it in to the Randalls courtesy booth. Randalls will then link the PCOS Foundation's account number to your Remarkable card and donate a percentage of your purchase.

Click here to download the slip.

It's really easy! Give this information to your family members, coworkers and friends and they can help just by purchasing the groceries they already buy!





Donate for yourself or on behalf of a loved one. Please contact us to request a personalized letter notifying someone of a donation made in their honor: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Donate a minimum of $7 in support of the 7 million women affected by PCOS.
Your donation can make a difference!

Donate Online:

Suggested Donor Levels:

Open Donations Welcomed:

Donate by Mail:

Print the donation form, fill in the information on the form, and mail the completed form and check to:

PCOS Foundation: 10901 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas  77079

Make checks payable to: PCOS Foundation

The PCOS Foundation is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.


The PCOS Foundation is committed to providing education to adolescent girls and women living with PCOS, as well as to the general public. Our mission is to not only spread awareness and offer support, but to eventually help fund diagnosis and provide the medical attention these women need. In order to reach or goal, we need your help. Our current educational programs such as our PCOS support groups and annual symposium provide answers for many of the concerns that come with PCOS diagnosis. Our awareness campaigns such our 5K Fun Run/Walk bring understanding and community support to women with PCOS.  If you are passionate about helping women increase their quality of life, then we invite you to help do just that. Please give to the PCOS Foundation today.

Real Stories from Women with PCOS

“I was 15 when I figured out I had PCOS. I was upstairs in my bedroom watching Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health. A lady came on talking about her condition. It felt surreal. It felt as if I were on television explaining my own story to the whole world. She knew EXACTLY what I was going through. I stood there plastered to the television, just waiting for her to say the words. The words that I had been waiting to hear for so long. The exact medical condition I had. See, I spent years wondering what was wrong. At 13 I was seen by a doctor who told me that he saw facial hair and the only way to get rid of it was to start exercising. By 15 I had already went through 6 treatments of real painful laser hair removal that didn't even help. Finally, this was the moment! When I heard those words, I started crying. I ran downstairs to my mom. I was so excited to finally tell her why I had been missing my periods, and had all this hair on my face, and why I had black spots on the back of my neck. I told her through sobs that I think I finally figured out what was wrong and what made me so different from my friends. I said the words and right then and there I absolutely felt that this was the right diagnosis and I wasn't going to take anything else as an answer. I went to doctors for 2 years till one of them finally said the words, "You have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome". My heart dropped. I was sad but excited. Sad, because I had done my research to find out what to expect and I was not happy with it and excited to finally be told I was right. I'm 21 now and have been married for 3 years. My husband and I have been waiting on the Lord to bless us with our own little family. We WILL get our little miracle one day, and when that day comes, it will be the greatest day of our life and I will have proved to PCOS that it can NOT bring us down.” - Alexandra H.


“My experience with PCOS has been life changing. I’m 29 and was diagnosed eight months into marriage when my husband and I found out in January 2010.  The most common questions were why and how? I was also outraged because not one of the many physicians I’ve seen picked up on this condition.  I was shocked at the lack of awareness and knowledge about PCOS.  You can’t imagine all of the times I heard that my issues were contributed to my weight. “Oh just lose weight”. It will help but not one of them understand that I couldn’t lose weight and I was trying hard. I have to say that PCOS is probably affecting my husband more.  I’m always sad and angry and always seems to get caught up in it.” – Desirea H.


“I am 51 years old and had PCOS symptoms since I was 14.  It took me fifteen years to get pregnant – high risk.  I delivered a 2.5 lb premature baby.  I had a miscarriage the first pregnancy. I have more hair all over my body than my husband.” - A. Joseph



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PCOS Symposium...

Wow! This is incredible! I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 14 and I am so amazed at how much has been accomplished. I am now 26 and I am so happy to see that PCOS is finally being recognized.

- Stephanie, 2014

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